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Callaway Gardens Review


Sadly, I no longer guide or fish at Callaway Gardens. Recent management changes have impacted the fishing in a very negative way. Once the 10" and 12" bream were standard fare; now, an 8-incher is probably the biggest of the day. The bass have been affected in much the same way. Trout fishing, where bigger hatchery fish are stocked in November (and die in April) remains about the same.


The big lake, Mountain Creek, still offers a reminder of what Callaway fishing used to be. Mountain Creek is larger than all the other lakes combined and does not require the intensive management to sustain the fishery that the other lakes require. Mountain Creek is open to the public - boat rental is required.


The focus has shifted away from fly fishing to the use of conventional gear. None of the FFF-certified instructors have remained at Callaway and their fly-fishing schools are now somewhat suspect. For you Callaway regulars, everyone you know is gone including Carl, Paul, Sam, Roy, Rusty and me.


It's pains me to give this report, but as a big supporter and a major participant in the Callaway program and fly fishing schools for over 15 years, I owe the truth to my angling customers. The recently published article in Eastern Fly Fishing magazine (Fall 2012) written about my guiding at Callaway was written a year earlier and based on that year and previous years - it is not indicative of Callaway fishing today.







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