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2016 Fishing Reports


April 11 - Back on the Hooch today with Taylor and Cope chasing the striped fish. We found `em - before the sun even broke thru the fog!




My first time fishing with these boys, but they had the skills.





April 9-10 - Had a good weekend at the Habersham Mill Fly Fishing School. We got fish late Saturday after our classroom sessions including some coming up for light Cahills on the Soque.



Saturday at Nacoochee Bend on the Hooch, we had some big fish to the net and some even bigger break-offs. Great group of students!!





March 28 - Went south on the Hooch today with a buddy. It made for an early wake-up but was worth the trip as the big hybrids were eating as the sun came up.








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One year ago...



And one  of the photos from this shoot by David Cannon made the front cover of the 2016 Georgia Fishing Regulations - glad to see the shoal bass getting its due. And many thanks David!




Since it's striper season, I'm posting an old video. Stripers aren't like trout - we fish 15-18 pound tippet and to land them in the current you have to put the heat to `em!  Here's how...

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"The Most


 Fly Cast"


While other fancy casts get the press, it's this red-headed stepchild that's easiest to throw. and it catches fish when others won't.






C o n t a c t    K e n t     at     or    7 0 6 - 8 8 1 - 3 2 4 9.