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Latest Fishing Report



Winter '13-14 - Weather and water flow have made striper fishing on the river tough this year, but we have managed to find a few. And even a few can make it a good day!





November 17 - Wes and Doug wanted to fish for shoal bass even though it was late in the season. It turned out to be a good idea as the shoalies were very cooperative.




May, June & July - Normally this is some of my busiest fishing time on the Flint. All the rain has made things difficult - when the river has dropped and the water clears up, the fishing has been excellent.


`Had some very good days and introduced some new anglers to the sport...



The bream have been eating good this year too. Here's a giant river shellcracker...



Even got my old friend Carl Warmouth out on the river for his first ever shoalie - about time after more than 10 years!




April 13 - `Fished the Hooch in Columbus again today. On the water at 6 am and hooked up almost immediately. Water was running hard and these big fat hybrids continued to eat the fly (a flashtail Whistler) until almost 9:00 when the water dropped out and the sun lit the water.


Fat hybrid stocker....


The cool part of this fishery is that not only do the hybrid and stripes stack up, but this time of year the skipjack also move in on their spawning run. So when the stripes stop eating, it's time to switch off to a 3 wt rod and boat a few dozen of these miniature tarpon.


Skipjack herring on the fly...



April 9 - Striper season been up and down this year with the water temperatures, but yesterday morn was like it's supposed to be. `Pulled up to the bottom of the shoals right at first light to the sight of big swirls and occasional slaps on the surface....




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Best fishing song ever...

Well OK, not really a fishing song, but a very apt description of a feeling known all too well by the  angler. If you think a tale of epic loss, hope and possible redemption is way too serious to mix with fishing, it's likely you don't really understand this sport and are certainly on the wrong website.







The Fly Fishing School

at Habersham Mill


Habersham Mill is a new mixed-use community being developed on the just south of Clarksville, Georgia on the Soque River. My long-time fishing friend Bob Cain is the architect behind the project and he has asked Jimmy Harris (Unicoi Outfitters) and I to head the fishing program.


This place is great - an amazing historic site that is being completely redesigned into a modern community. The site includes an incredible 50' falls literally beside the old mill. And the fish are big - see Jake on his first day at the mill below...


We will hold our first two-day school on March 29 and 30, 2014. The school is designed for novices or intermediate anglers, and includes some classroom and mucho fishing time.


Check us on Facebook too....and if you're so inclined, give us a like - we'll appreciate it.





The Pencil Sharpener Hole


This spot on the Flint has always reminded me of a passage from Trout Fishing in America:

"I  like to think of that little hole as a pencil sharpener. I put my reflexes in and they came back out with a good point on them. Over a period of a couple of years, I must have caught fifty ... out of that hole...." - Richard Brautigan



It's time to start throwing the Stealth Bomber again too.

Stealth Bomber cutting set from River Road Creations...

There's a lot of tying and fishing info here, plus information on how to order the cutter set from River Road Creations.


A Knotty Issue - Fly anglers often fixate on equipment, taking extreme care to select the perfect set-up and spending outrageous amounts of money to obtain it. Too often however, the most important part of the tackle receives no concern. The critical connection to the fish is within the knots that join the line system between the fly and the angler, and if it fails then all the fancy equipment is a moot point.

Tom McGuane sums it up perfectly - "...the array of arcane knots...the attached to the fly...and to choose (a knot) is to make a moral choice. You are made to understand that it would not be impossible to fight about it or, at the very least, to quibble darkly." 

The worse part is that inferior knots often work just fine on the majority of fish - it's only when the big one is hooked that the knot lets you down....MORE




Fly Fishing Georgia by David Cannon is the new guidebook to the area's top fishing spots, from trout to bass to saltwater.

Included is the Flint River and the shoal bass, a fishery that is unique to Georgia.

The book is available through Amazon or at your local fly shop.







"The Most


 Fly Cast"


While other fancy casts get the press, it's this red-headed stepchild that's easiest to throw. and it catches fish when others won't.






C o n t a c t    K e n t     at     or    7 0 6 - 8 8 3  7 7 0 0.