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2016 Fishing Reports


July 15 - Fished the Flint today with Amy. Water was low and clear. Late in the morning Amy threw a little #10 Tokyo Spider up in the little eddy by a small run coming through the weeds and the fly disappeared...........




July 5 - On the Flint today with Pierre and his son Joey. Both were totally new to the fly rod but they caught on quick and spanked some fish, most of them on top-water.




July 1 - Fished today with Mal from Augusta. Big fish were in short supply but we took so many on top-water flies in skinny, skinny water that we didn't care.



June 17 - My kids are way off, but I got to spend Father's Day on the river with Gene and Hays, a father and son from Columbus. We did the occasion up right with many fish.





June 10 & 11 - Canoed the Flint  today with Ricardo and his son Zach.



This boy is young but a serious angler. I think he had some fun. And we had a blast watching him!




June 10 & 11 - Fished with Cliff H. from Louisiana. He fished with me last year for a couple of days and it was great. This year turned out the same. The first day, Cliff brought his 14 yr-old nephew from Atlanta. Hays was fairly new to the fly rod but and avid angler with excellent instincts and considerable determination. Both served him well....




On the second day just Cliff fished. Cliff is a very experienced angler who's been fishing rivers and black bass for many years. We took it a little easier without the gung-ho excitement of Hayes to push us, but had a lot of fun and caught plenty of shoal bass.



June 7 - On the Flint again today with Jay and Amy. Both were completely new to the flyrod so we did a quick casting lesson and hit the water. This was an anniversary gift for Amy who had said she wanted to go fishing for their anniversary. So indeed she did, scoring the first fish and quite a few more.




June 6 - I've been fishing with Bill T for near 20 years now. Lately his son Zach has been joining us and he's a chip off the old block (at least as far as angling goes). It was overcast with a drizzling rain off and on all day, but the water was pretty clear still. Zach got it rolling with the first fish.....


We were in and out of the rain jackets but catching fish pretty steady. After a quick lunch, Zach and I were downstream when we heard Bill shout and turned to see his rod bent deep....



It was a spectacular shoalie that had eaten his stealth bomber. Icing on the cake for another trip to be long remembered...



June 4 - Fished the Flint with two Atlanta docs, Fred and Jim. They spanked `em good (tho' the Maserati looked kinda' funny parked at the river).




May 28 - Woodard P. from Birmingham came over and fished the Flint today. It's been a couple of years since we fished but he hadn't forgetten the drill. A fun day on the water!



Even added a new species  on the fly - a flathead catfish. He was chasing bait in 8" of water.



May 27 - Spent the day on the Flint with Nick and his mom, Amy. Nick had never touched a fly rod before, but you could say he caught on quick....





May 18 - Fished today with Chance K. from down near Columbus. Days like today are the big rewards of guiding - I'd given Chase his first casting lesson back a couple of months ago and though he'd practiced some on stillwater, this was his first day on a river. He did GOOD!



May 15-16 - A beautiful weekend in north Georgia at the Habersham Mill Fly Fishing School - all A's across the board.




May 6 - Fished yesterday and today. Spider lilies are in  full bloom and the shoal bass are on (and in the grass).




April 19 - Fished the Flint a couple of days this week and last. Water is still a touch high and stained, but the fish are there. And it's getting better every day...


April 11 - Back on the Hooch today with Taylor and Cope chasing the striped fish. We found `em - before the sun even broke thru the fog!




My first time fishing with these boys, but they had the skills.



April 9-10 - Had a good weekend at the Habersham Mill Fly Fishing School. We got fish late Saturday after our classroom sessions including some coming up for light Cahills on the Soque.



Saturday at Nacoochee Bend on the Hooch, we had some big fish to the net and some even bigger break-offs. Great group of students!!



March 28 - Went south on the Hooch today with a buddy. It made for an early wake-up but was worth the trip as the big hybrids were eating as the sun came up.



March 24 - Weather was quite a bit nicer today....and the fishing wasn't bad either!



These guys even let me catch one...



March 21 & 22 - Got back on the Chattahoochee - those striped fish are definitely on the move. Here's one of Paul's...



February 29 - Back on the Hooch today with Al and Tom. They'd turned the water way up, but in spite of heavy current and considerable stain, these boys managed to hook up with good hybrids.



Al even managed a big shoal bass too...



February 19 - With well over 20" of rain since the week of Christmas, it's been hard to catch the river in fishable condition. We managed today though - it's nice to feel those striped fish again!



They liked the big whistlers today....



February 13 - It was plenty cool for the Fly Fishing School at Habersham Mill this weekend.



But the student body was tough enough and was justly rewarded. Here's William with a nice big rainbow...


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The Fly Fishing School

at Habersham Mill


We're now in the second year of the Habersham Mill is a new mixed-use community being developed on the just south of Clarksville, Georgia on the Soque River. My long-time fishing friend Bob Cain is the architect behind the project and he asked Jimmy Harris (Unicoi Outfitters) and me to head the fishing program. It has been a lot of fun.


This place is great - an amazing historic site that is being completely redesigned into a modern community. The site includes an incredible 50' falls literally beside the old mill. And the fish are big - see Jake on his first day at the mill below...


We hold the school one weekend each month from October through May. The school is designed for novices or intermediate anglers, and includes some classroom and mucho fishing time.


Check us on Facebook too....and if you're so inclined, give us a like - we'll appreciate it.




Fighting big fish is a different proposition from what many anglers know. Here's how...

(opens in a new link)



Best fishing song ever...

Well OK, not really a fishing song, but a very apt description of a feeling known all too well by the  angler. If you think a tale of epic loss, hope and possible redemption is way too serious to mix with fishing, it's likely you don't really understand this sport and are certainly on the wrong website.








The Pencil Sharpener Hole


This spot on the Flint has always reminded me of a passage from Trout Fishing in America:

"I  like to think of that little hole as a pencil sharpener. I put my reflexes in and they came back out with a good point on them. Over a period of a couple of years, I must have caught fifty ... out of that hole...." - Richard Brautigan





A Knotty Issue - Fly anglers often fixate on equipment, taking extreme care to select the perfect set-up and spending outrageous amounts of money to obtain it. Too often however, the most important part of the tackle receives no concern. The critical connection to the fish is within the knots that join the line system between the fly and the angler, and if it fails then all the fancy equipment is a moot point.

Tom McGuane sums it up perfectly - "...the array of arcane knots...the attached to the fly...and to choose (a knot) is to make a moral choice. You are made to understand that it would not be impossible to fight about it or, at the very least, to quibble darkly." 

The worse part is that inferior knots often work just fine on the majority of fish - it's only when the big one is hooked that the knot lets you down....MORE











The shoal bass getting its due. It is featured in the cover photo of the Georgia Fishing regulation handbook.......



The photo by David Cannon while made while we were doing a shoot for a photo essay in "Sporting Classics" last year.






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