Fly Fishing Guide in West Georgia: the Flint, Chattahoochee, and around the southeast


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White Amur

aka Grass Carp

What started as a simple spring afternoon of bass/bream fishing turned into something different altogether! Giant white amur on dry flies & 5 weight fly rods. Mine, below, came on a #10 tarantula. 

Grass carp will take a fly, but ..... this is probably the toughest freshwater fish there is to hook on a fly. Grass carp are vegetarians (for the most part); and they are very aware of their surrounding above and below water. 

We catch them when they are "glooping" , slurping grass and floating vegetation. The casts must be long, quiet and unseen, leading the fish by 8-10't. Then, you animate the fly like a piece of vegetation; that is, not at all. Then you hold your breath as the big fish casually glides toward your fly.

If he eats, hold on! Below you see Norman, with a slight bend in his 6wt PM-10 after a medium-sized amur ate his little Royal Wulff. In the bottom photo, Norm has landed the fish, but couldn't lift him from the water. The weight of the fiosh was threatening to flip that little Browning tube.



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