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The Becker Knot (Orvis Modified)

This is a great knot for with fine tippets and small flies. It does not curl, uses little material, and is much stronger than the improved clinch. In fact, the knot is near 100% on tippets from 8x to 0/4x. In larger tippet sizes, it may torque a dry fly to the side (as does any knot which grips the hook eye) - use the Non-Slip Mono Loop in this case. I also like a loop for  nymphs when using heavier tippets, as they are freer to move with the current.
1 - Thread the tippet through the hook eye (from the back of up or down turned eye or the bottom of a ring eye) and loop around the standing line, back to front. Then run the tag, from back to front, through the loop just formed.

2 - Pass the tag end, from back to front, around the loop three times. Hold the fly in one hand and pull with the other hand on the tag and the standing line. Pull both simultaneously until the knot closes firmly on the standing line. Or hold the standing end snug and tighten the tag.

3 - Lubricate the knot and line, continue to hold the fly, and pull slowly and firmly on the standing line until the knot "turns over." If it doesn't "turn over", it's not correct - retie! Do not cut the tag quite flush.

Thanks to Joel Daniel for the knot sketch. And thanks especially to Bill Nash  for his book, Flycasting Systems, and these tying instructions.


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