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Flint River Riverkeeper








Latest Fishing Report



May 28 - Joel and I hit a local pond this morn for a quick memorial day celebration. Big bass were willing to join the festivities.


Largemouth bass on the fly...


For a change of pace, Joel tried my new 5' "half-weight" TFO Finesse rod on some big bluegill.


TFO's "Half-Weight" Finesse rod...



May 25 - `Fished with old friend and long-time customer Bob C. today. Even better, Molly came along too. We spanked the fish all day long.


Flint River shoal bass on the fly...



May 17 - `Filmed on the Flint today with a film crew working on a documentary for PBS. It's tough when the camera is rolling, but we got shoal bass and spider lilies which is what they were after. I expect to appear completely stupid in the interview - maybe it won't make the cut.



May 12 - `Back on the Flint today with Steve S. and did we have some fun! Weather was overcast, with a light drizzle through the morn. That was OK though, cause we  kept the stoggies dry and the fish were definitely turned on. We used the kayaks to access a set of shoals that's seldom fished, but almost didn't make it since the fish were all over the spot where we made our first quick stop.


Rainy day shoal bass on the Flint...



May 11 - Fished the Flint with John today. The shoal bass were in the skinny water and very willing to bust the topwater.




May 5 & 6 - Great weekend in Pawleys Island, SC with Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot. Saturday was a private clinic with Flip & Lefty for a dozen lucky anglers, then on Saturday Lefty was at the open house for Pawley's Island Outdoors. Everybody had plenty of fun and learned even more.



April 12 - Fished with Bill T. today for skipjack, and we had some fun. Bill was one of my first guide customers back over 15 years ago, and thankfully he keeps coming back. You'll find the archives full of Bill photos, and we've spent many hours laughing over the water with bream and bass banging topwater flies. We returned to Bill's hometown today to expand his fish list to include the skipjack - here's the way to do a homecoming...


Skipjack on the fly...




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        It's Shoal Bass time!



It's prime time for the shoal bass in the shallow, rocky shoals of the Flint River.





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It's time to start throwing the Stealth Bomber again too.

Stealth Bomber cutting set from River Road Creations...

There's a lot of tying and fishing info here, plus information on how to order the cutter set from River Road Creations.

Come Meet The Legend

Lefty Kreh will be in both Charleston and Pawley's Island, South Carolina this summer. Each visit will be for two days , with one day at a local tackle shop and the other a private day of coaching for a limited number of anglers.

Pawley's Island Outdoors -  May 5 & 6

Charleston Angler - June 1 & 2

Here's a chance to meet the legend or even spend the day with him, getting his personal coaching on casting, knots, and much more. The private day at Pawley's is booked up, but limited opening are available in Charleston.

Best fishing song ever...

Well OK, not really a fishing song, but a very apt description of a feeling known all too well by the  angler. If you think a tale of epic loss, hope and possible redemption is way too serious to mix with fishing, it's likely you don't really understand this sport and are certainly on the wrong website.


A Knotty Issue - Fly anglers often fixate on equipment, taking extreme care to select the perfect set-up and spending outrageous amounts of money to obtain it. Too often however, the most important part of the tackle receives no concern. The critical connection to the fish is within the knots that join the line system between the fly and the angler, and if it fails then all the fancy equipment is a moot point.

Tom McGuane sums it up perfectly - "...the array of arcane knots...the attached to the fly...and to choose (a knot) is to make a moral choice. You are made to understand that it would not be impossible to fight about it or, at the very least, to quibble darkly." 

The worse part is that inferior knots often work just fine on the majority of fish - it's only when the big one is hooked that the knot lets you down....MORE



Fly Fishing Georgia by David Cannon is the new guidebook to the area's top fishing spots, from trout to bass to saltwater.

Included is the Flint River and the shoal bass, a fishery that is unique to Georgia.

The book is available through Amazon or at your local fly shop.


The Pencil Sharpener Hole


This spot on the Flint has always reminded me of a passage from Trout Fishing in America:

"I  like to think of that little hole as a pencil sharpener. I put my reflexes in and they came back out with a good point on them. Over a period of a couple of years, I must have caught fifty ... out of that hole...." - Richard Brautigan




"The Most


 Fly Cast"


While other fancy casts get the press, it's this red-headed stepchild that's easiest to throw. and it catches fish when others won't.





C o n t a c t    K e n t     at     or    7 0 6 - 8 8 3  7 7 0 0.