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Carter Nelson's Rubber Legged Dragon



The RLD, as itís known by many, was developed years ago by Callaway guide and fly fishing manager, Carter Nelson. Designed originally for bream & bass in the still-water ponds at Callaway Gardens, the RLD has caught also shoal and redeye bass, trout, carp, & catfish in still & moving water. It's a great fly.

Tie it on a 10, 12 or 14 hook. Tail is rabbit; body is thin chenille. Round rubber legs, a couple of wraps of hackle, bead-chain eyes on tops of the hook, and dubbed rabbit around the eyes and head. Quick & easy, it catches fish. Preferred colors are black, green & brown with yellow legs.

See "Dragonflies" for more information on the natural and how to fish the imitation.

 Detailed tying instructions can be found in AMERICAN ANGLER magazine from January 1997. The RLD has a rabbit fur tail, chenille body, rubber legs, and a couple of turns of long hackle behind bead-chain or dumbbell eyes. Generally, dragon nymph imitations should be in shades of brown and olive, though yellow rubber legs with a black body work exceedingly well on the RLD.


Dragonfly nymph at left, the Rubber-Legged Dragon on right.



Hook - # 10 Mustad 9671 or other 2XL nymph hook

Thread  - 6/0  Black

Eyes -  Bead Chain

Tail - Rabbit , black or olive

Body - Chenille, black or olive

Legs -  Rubber, yellow

Hackle - Grizzly, slightly oversized

Head - dubbed with underfur removed from rabbit tail





Rainey's Flies ties the Rubber-legged Dragon and

it is available from good fly shops everywhere.




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