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Welcome to Fly Fishing West Georgia and Beyond. I hope there's plenty of info here to get you excited about some of the world's finest fly fishing. No, that's not hyperbole. West Georgia has some of best fishing anywhere - look around and see what I mean.

2009 Archived Reports

September- December - I spent more time on the road this fall than I spent on the water. Between the Denver Fly show and several regional events, plus showing the new TFO spinning and casting rods (designed by Gary Loomis) all over the southeast, I got mucho travel points.

But between the trips, we managed some trout at Callaway, some stripes on the Hooch, some "slimey" fish up in NC, and some albies off Harkers.


August 14 - My pal Paul and I slipped off this morn with the idea of trying out the new Freedom Hawk 120 on the carp flats. Unfortunately, we didn't find the carp so we had to settle for some "trash" fish ;) - here's Paul with a nice bass.


August 14 - It's been a busy couple of months, with ICAST show in Orlando, the Eastern Outdoor show, a vacation/family/fishing trip to Edisto, and the TFO corporate meet in MD. I have managed some days on the Flint, and as usual it continues to fish good through the hottest weather.

The TFO meet was a pleasure and a privilege, spending time with some of the industry greats, lots of casting fun, new products, and Lefty's usual collection of one-liners!

Nick Curcione, Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Bobby Jones and Tom Jindra do some reel adjustments...

Lefty with the new TFO/Gary Loomis-designed spinning rods - he knows more than the fly....


July 31 - It's been a great fishing month, with multiple highlights on the Flint, with the redfish down on the Carolina coast with the reds, and the big bream at Callaway (like young Austin's below)....

...but one of my best trips ever was with Allison and Jonathan (my grandkids from Philly).


June 30 - Fished Callaway today with Jimmy Jacobs, noted author and editor of The Georgia Sportsman. Jimmy was looking for photos of big bream, and I'm happy to say he got them.

And if you ever wondered why those fish photos in the mags look so good, it's because there's a bit more to it than "point-and-shoot".....


June 17 - It's been busy over the last month, with the shoal bass on the Flint and the big bream and bass at Callaway. The rain has the water in great shape and good fishing should hold even with the hot weather we're getting now.

Here's a nice shoalie that John T. expertly pulled out from under the overhanging tree on the Flint last week.


May 5 - On the Flint today with Tarver and Sally from Augusta, GA (via Wyoming). Experienced western trout anglers, they loved the Flint and it's southern-style "green trout".


May 1 & 2 - The big group from NGTO was down this weekend for their annual debacle/fishing trip. Great fun as always with these guys. Here's the orange-est bluegill I've ever seen - look at his back.

Several good bass were landed, and the shellcracker were bedding in skinny water. The one below was 15".


April 29 - I slipped off today to fish the Flint by myself - scouting for Monday and Tuesday trips next week (tough work but someone's gotta do it, right?). Water was still a bit high and off-color, but the fish were there.


April 19 - Fished Callaway with Mark and Kim from NGTO today. We pretty much spanked `em - witness Mark and his infamous counter below. If you can't make out the number, it hit 86 with that big shellcracker, breaking his previous Callaway record. Kim and I caught more than he did ;)


April 16 - Back on the water at Callaway today with my old pal Bill T from Atlanta. Bill was one of my first guiding customers over 10 years ago and it's always a barrel of fun. Today was no exception.........


April 14 - Had to make a quick trip by the fly shop at Callaway today and couldn't resist - walked the banks of a golf course pond early. The little buck bass, along with an occasional bream, were busting the stealth bomber. Then suddenly the popper just disappeared....when I tightened up, this big mama came up rattlin' her gills (of course, only camera I had was the cell phone, but you can get the idea....oink, oink!).


April 11 - Fished the Hooch in Columbus today with Terry and Charlene from Washington state. Hybrid were hard to come by (even though I had caught `en the day before), but we got some skipjack and Charnie even nailed a cat on the fly.

 The water on the Hooch is muddy and getting muddier - looks like good only for the cut-baiters for a week or so.


April 4 - Terry S came over today to fish Callaway, along with his pal Lawrence B (visiting from Istanbul). They both wore the fish out, in spite of the rain. Terry capped the day with a nice 8-lb bass that ate the RLD - nice fish!


April 3 - Fished Callaway today with Tim M and his son Brian. We started off early throwing throwing topwaters into a quiet cove, expecting to see some bass and bream in shallow. They were, but then this guy showed up...

I have no idea what that trout was thinking when he bashed the Stealth Bomber  as Tim chugged it across the cove (a gaudy fire-tiger version at that), but he showed no hesitation.


April 2 - It's still raining, but certified striper junkie Tom T couldn't resist after hearing I caught a few Monday. He brought Sam C along and we hit the river. We got `em too, once again proving Tom's "if you don't go, you can't catch `em" motto. Sam landing some of everything (shoal, white, striped & hybrid bass, plus a crappie for good measure). Tom got just hybrid and stripe, including this near-perfect specimen of a small stripe.


March 30 - With 3" of rain last week, we are getting some heavy flow on the river below West Point. And it's the strong current that's turns the fish on down here. In spite of a very heavy stain, I was able to catch a few.


March 23 - Finally got into a few of the striped fish up above West Point this week. They were still scattered and the main run is still a week or two away. But it sure was nice to be bending up the 9 wt again.


January & February - I got a call from a friend today checking to see if I was still alive - he'd noticed the absence of any new fishing reports here and figured I'd croaked or something. Not the case - just been very busy traveling, fishing trout at Callaway, plus 3 regional shows for TFO. Fishing has been fine at Callaway, with plenty of big trout.


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